The Search for the Ultimate Cocoa Powder (Part 1)

The more I got into baking, the more attention I paid to what I was putting into my food. Seeing as how chocolate cake is my biggest vice, I took a considerable interest in cocoa powders. In the beginning, I was satisfied with using Hershey and Nestle cocoa powders. But then I thought “there has to be something better than this!” Sure enough, Google pointed me in the right direction. Forum after forum was dedicated to heated debates where people defended their favorite cocoa powder with an intense fervor that only a frequent baker could ever begin to comprehend. I started with Ghirardelli, because it was readily available at the grocery store. Then, I came across the Droste brand cocoa powder at Publix and decided to give it a go. Man oh man, that was the stuff dreams are made of.

I’ve been satisfied with the Droste for some time, but I can’t help but wonder if I am missing out on these other brands. It seems that everyone had their favorites, and some were favored more than others. Who should I believe? More importantly, how could I find a way to compare them all without having to rely on the words of others?

Thus was born the Ultimate Cupcake Taste Test. In my desire to take my baking to the next level, I decided to hold a blind taste testing for all the top rated brands. Yes, it’s nuts. Yes, I will probably have enough cocoa powder to last me till Christmas of 2011. But, is that REALLY a problem!? I think not. And thanks to a group of hungry friends, we will settle this issue once and for all.

Stay tuned for details on the methodology, as well as information on the brands to be tested.

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