Talavera Cocina Mexicana (A Review)

Despite the name, Coral Gables Restaurant Week was a 3 week long affair.  During this time, restaurants located in Coral Gables offered discounted 3-course meals.  This basically translates to “go out and eat at places that you would normally be unable to afford.”  And, that is exactly what I did.

I resolved to visit one restaurant for each week in which the promotion was in effect.  My first visit was to Talavera, which I had heard great things about.  Plus, I love Mexican food, so there is also that.  The hostess greeted us nicely, and the atmosphere inside the restaurant is very warm and earthy.  Our server came by and explained the menu to us, then took our orders.  Sadly, there was no horchata made that day, so we moved right on to the meal.

Tlacoyos Azules

For the appetizer, I got the tlacoyo azul.  It was blue corn masa that they stuff with beans, and then top with guajillo sauce, cream, white cheese, cilantro, and onions.  They topped this one with thin slices of cactus.  The ingredients were fresh, and the flat masa cake had a pleasant crunch to it.  It was kind of like eating a thin, blue arepa.  It was also a pretty big serving for only one person.  Then again, I don’t eat like “one person.”

Chicken Enchiladas

My entree was the chicken enchiladas.  You had the choice between a red or green sauce.  When I asked the waiter the difference in the sauces, he kind of shrugged, but said that I could also do half red and half green.  So, I did.  I could have done without the mountain of iceberg lettuce on top.  Honestly, that is just empty calories for me.  The enchiladas themselves weren’t bad, but weren’t particularly impressive.  The pulled chicken was a bit dry and bland.  The sauces helped liven the dish up, but not much.  My companions all ordered the cochinita pibil tacos, and I came to regret not following their lead.

Guava and mamey cheesecake

For me, the dessert stole the show.  When I saw guava cheesecake on the menu, I expected a slice of cheesecake topped with guava sauce.  What I got was a HUGE, single serve ramekin of light and fluffy creamy deliciousness.

Overall, I would visit Talavera again.  I would skip the Enchiladas, but their ingredients are defintiely fresh and good-quality.

For more info on Tavalera, visit http://talaveraspot.com/.

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