Town Kitchen and Bar (A Review)

Here at The Broke Baker, we are all about trying new things on a budget.  So, when Amazon Local came out with a deal for a place called Town Kitchen and Bar in South Miami, I jumped on it.  I had never actually heard of this place, but that’s not exactly uncommon.  Restaurants come and go around here, and Miami isn’t exactly a small town.

The restaurant itself is situated on a corner, and is kind of easy to miss if you’re not looking.  I had literally driven by there dozens of times, and had never seen it until I decided to go eat there.  It’s a small place, and the tables are also pretty small.  They have booths that seat 6, assuming at least people in your party are children, anorexic, or have no booty.  Otherwise, be prepared for a tight squeeze.

We went on Ladies’ Night, which is on Thursday nights.  They offer half price drinks.  I got a blueberry mojito, whose name I forgot.


I have no idea what was actually in this cocktail, but it was gooooood.  It was bursting with berry flavor.  It’s one of those drinks that you don’t really feel the alcohol in, so you have to be careful.  I could have chugged it like Kool-Aid, but I restrained myself.  After all, there was plenty of food on the way.


We ordered a basket of their jalapeño cheese fries as an appetizer.  The fries, to my delight, were exceptionally crispy.  They had a nice, subtle seasoning to them.  I prefer skinny, crispy fries.  So, these were right up my alley.  The other guests, which were in the steak fries camp, found them to be too thin and crunchy.  One even called them “burnt fries.”  The cheese sauce was great.  It had a slight hint of heat, but nothing that had you reaching frantically for your beverage.

Town Kitchen and Bar steak

For the entrée, I split the sizzling steak for two with another guest.  It comes with the steak and two sides to share.  Out comes 24 ounces of sizzling meat.  It was tender and juicy, as a steak should be.


The Asian green beans were a hit.  They had this sweet and savory sauce, plus an additional sauce on the side.  We couldn’t pinpoint what was in the second sauce, although we think there may have been tamarind in it.  Since the green beans were already in a sauce, I don’t think that the extra sauce was really necessary.  It went GREAT on the steak, though,


Our second side was the jalapeño mac and cheese.  It was basically noodles mixed with the jalapeño cheese sauce that we ate our fries with earlier.  There was most certainly nothing wrong with that, though.  That slight hint of heat at the end of each bite really added some depth to it.

While the prices are certainly nothing to sneeze at, I thought Town Kitchen and Bar was a nice little place to get together and have a bite with friends.  Our server, Hector, was pleasant and accommodating, even when our outdoor table started to get rained on and we asked to be moved.  I’d like to go back, but I think I’ll need to lose a few pounds before I try sitting in their booths again.

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