Baby Shower Cupcakes!

A little ongoing project that I had for the past couple of weeks was making cupcakes for a baby shower.  The anticipated head count was 75 people, which was more than I have ever made in a single go.  But, when a friend asks for a favor for such a special occasion, one simply cannot refuse.  Little did they know that I also planned on surprising them with a hand-made cupcake tower to present the cupcakes on.CAM00477-e1382970004826


Yes, they are having a girl.  How did you guess!?  Anyway, the assembly of the tower was not particularly difficult, just a little time-consuming.  The platforms were silver lined cake boards from a cake supply store.  I glued pink curling ribbon along the edges of each board, then glued some acrylic rhinestones for a little bit of flair.  The supports in the center are Pringles canisters that I cut down to size with a box cutter, and then wrapped in pink wrapping paper.  I glued little clear rhinestones to them, because it looked so bare without them.

The baby shower theme was pink elephants.  This meant pinks, grays, silvers, and whites.  I decided on the vanilla cupcake recipe with buttercream frosting.  I found cute striped cupcake wrappers, and the event hostess made some adorable cupcake toppers to finish the look.  The assembled tower was cuter than I could have hoped for!IMG_4253-e1382970050180


Beautiful, isn’t it?  Bring on the bundle of joy!

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