Capital Grille (A Review)

With Miami Spice over, I thought my fine-dining days were numbered for the rest of the year.  Then, I found out about Dine Out Lauderdale, Broward’s version of Miami Spice.  About 2 dozen restaurants participated in this promotion, which featured a $35 fixed price menu, usually 3 or 4 courses.  Naturally, the thing to do is find some of the more expensive restaurants and take advantage.  So, a few of us found ourselves at Capital Grille, an upscale steakhouse which boasts a made-to-order menu.

Not long after you’re seated, they bring out a basket of assorted breads and a square of butter.


I’m not sure if the bread is baked in-house or not, but it’s hard to go wrong with bread.  I went for the dinner rolls, because I am a sucker for white bread.  I took care not to fill up, though.  The appetizer was coming up next.


I went with a cup of their clam chowder.  As far as clam chowders go, I would say it was a solid one.  There was no trace of grit, and it had the right amount of creaminess.  I think that, if you’re sensitive to salt, it might have been a little too salty.  But, I like my salt, so it was fine.  I got a nice amount of tender clams in my portion, too.

Initially, I had been planning on having the filet.  However, the server (William, I believe his name was) made a strong case for this bone-in sirloin, so I went with that.

capital grille steak

William, if you are reading this, THANK YOU.  This was such a juicy, tender, and flavorful cut of beef.  I normally shy away from sirloins because they end up being a little too tough for me.  That was not the case here.  I can’t even describe it to you in words.  You would just have to go and have it for yourself.

Another perk of their fixed price menu was that they included a few sides.  Normally, Capital Grille serves everything a la carte, so having sides included with the meal was a treat.


The mashed potatoes were thick, rich, and creamy.


The green beans were incredibly fresh, but not cooked enough for my liking.  These were more blanched, and served cold.

Then, of course, there were a few additions that we ordered.


The lobster mac and cheese from Capital Grille is what started my obsession with lobster mac and cheese, and subsequently led me to hunt for its recipe.  I have to say, it was not as good as I remember it being.  It was a little on the dry side, instead of the creamy deliciousness that I remember.  The lobster was still incredibly tender, though.


The Capital Grille truffle fries were a Burger Battle discovery.  These did not disappoint.  Each fry was hot, crispy, and utterly fantastic.  Plus, the Grana Padano cheese that they sprinkle on top is excellent.

I am glad that I was able to enjoy a meal at Capital Grille on a budget.  I would definitely go back.  I’d have to save up first, though.  That, or wait until Dine Out Lauderdale rolls around again next year.

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