DB Bistro Moderne (A Review)

Miami Spice has come and gone.  Yet, being the procrastinator that I am, I still have a backlog of restaurant reviews.  Forgive me, all, for I have failed in my quest to keep you all informed of the deliciousness that Miami has to offer.

A friend of mine specifically requested that we try a French restaurant this time around.  So, we found ourselves at DB Bistro Moderne in Downtown Miami.  The parking situation is a bit of a nightmare, but I can’t say no to a friend.  At least, not when food is involved.

IMG_6409 We were served a basket of Gruyère cheese rolls not long after being seated.  They were pretty sensational.  Gruyère cheese can be overpowering, if done incorrectly.  These were great, though.IMG_6410My first course was the shrimp and cavatelli, served in a light pesto sauce.  They make their own pasta, which was obvious after the first bite.  The tomato and zucchini were just barely cooked, which kept them the perfect amount of crisp and tender.  The shrimp was cooked perfectly.IMG_6416I had the steak entrée.  The steak was perfectly cooked and juicy, but I wasn’t crazy about the sauce.  I think it may have been Hollandaise sauce, which says it all.  It was served with a side of potatoes, which were good.IMG_6420For dessert, I went with their deconstructed chocolate bar.  It was a crunchy chocolate nougat bar served with marshmallow ice cream, cookie crumbles, candied hazelnuts, and salted caramel sauce.  Dessert is the most difficult course to impress me with.  So, keep that in mind when I say that this was an incredible dish.  Little things that I would normally dismiss as garnish were actually carefully crafted components of the entire dessert experience.  I honestly could have eaten an entire bowl of those candied hazelnuts, and the salted caramel really balanced out the richness of the bar.  A winner.

I was very happy with the meal and service at DB Bistro Moderne.  The service staff was incredibly attentive and were knowledgeable of the menu.  Whatever they’re doing, they need to keep doing it.  They’ve got it right.

For more information on DB Bistro Moderne, visit their website at http://www.dbbistro.com/

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