Pizza Johny’s (A Review)

Pizza is one of those foods that I am pretty much always in the mood for.  Unless I am writhing in agony, then chances are that I won’t turn down the offer of a good slice of pizza.  Unfortunately, good pizza is hard to come by in Miami, especially if you’re looking for a traditional NY Style pie.  Your standard delivery chains are okay for when a sudden craving hits when you’re pressed for money or time, but sometimes you need more.  Sometimes, “decent” is just not enough.  You can’t settle.  You WON’T settle.

That’s where Pizza Johny’s comes in…I first noticed Pizza Johny’s (yes, Johny’s with only ONE ‘N’) while driving.  It’s located in the same strip mall as the Asian grocery store that I frequented before moving, as well as Latin House Grill.  I didn’t think anything of it, and drove by it dozens of times, until a trip through Yelp in search of good pizza brought me across some glowing reviews of this place.


Word is that the New York transplant that owns this establishment worked at 2 other, popular pizza places before opening his own.  It’s a small spot, and you can walk in and see him working his magic.  He’s got that no-nonsense NYC demeanor to him, but is far from rude.  He was friendly, but short with his responses.  Nothing to distract him from the task at hand, which is making your pizza fresh.


The pizzas come out surprisingly fast, considering how they are basically assembled fresh to order.  It’s also fun to watch them tossing the dough in the air.


Not long after, you’ve got yourself a thin, greasy, cheesy disk of awesomeness.  The ingredients are fresh and good-quality, which makes a huge difference in the taste.  And it has the requisite grease that comes with any good NY Style pizza without being excessively greasy.  While still hot, the cheese stretches nice and long with every delicious bite.  This pizza seriously raised the bar for my pizza expectations in the area.  So far, I am unable to find a place that comes close to being this good.

My one gripe about this pizza is that it is best eaten all in one sitting.  It doesn’t reheat very well.  But, that’s more of a personal problem.  So, if you want some kick-butt NY Style pizza, look no further.  Johny is your man.

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