Mango Madness in July – Part 4 (2017 Chapter)

My first year at my current job, I was amazed at the massive influx of mangoes during mango season.  It was like homeowners couldn’t get rid of them fast enough.  That’s how Mango Madness was born, and Mango Season every year since then has been dedicated to mango-fying anything that I can think of.  Mango Madness 2017 will be no different.

Sadly, my most reliable and prolific mango supplier was relocated.  I expected this to make getting my hands on mangoes a little harder than usual.  Instead, I had quite a steady stream of mangoes headed my way.  I guess word has gotten around about my Mango Mad Scientist antics, so everyone knows that any surplus of mangoes will get put to good use in my house.  Ha!

So, what new things did I make for Mango Madness 2017?  Here we go!

Mango salsa goes great on a lot of savory dishes, including jerk chicken chili!  Just combine diced mango with lime juice, salt, pepper, cumin powder, and cilantro.  The sweetness of the mango really offsets the heat of the chili, and completes the chili’s Caribbean flair.

Mango Suspiro Limeno is a deliciously innovative way to eat the classic Peruvian dessert.  It’s normally too sweet for me, but the mango seems to cut some of that sweetness out.

If you’re looking for something to cool you down in hot weather, try mango creamsicles.  They are cool, creamy, refreshing, and oh so delicious.  And, if you don’t own any popsicle molds, disposable cups work just as well.

If you’re feeling fancy, try filling some puff pastry shells with mango pastry cream.  All it takes is some fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream to make an impressive presentation.  Pro-tip: Heat the baking pan before you bake the puff pastry shells.  It makes them puff up so much higher.

Believe it or not, mango is a great addition to BBQ sauce if you’re into sweet sauces.  Try mango BBQ sauce on ribs or brisket.  A friend of mine even put it on pasta and liked it.

Mango upside down cake is best made with mango that doesn’t have a lot of fiber because it is easier to slice.  But, if you only have fibrous mangoes, don’t let that deter you.  The buttery, brown sugary top of the cake really elevates the mango.

Mango compote makes a great topping for pound cakes and ice cream.  Or, stir it into your yogurt!

If compotes aren’t your thing, you can try caramelized mango.  They’re spiked with a little bit of rum and flecked with vanilla bean seeds.  You can make it in chunks or in slices.  Either way, it’s a treat!  It would probably go great on some waffles or pancakes.

Mango brownies are a bit out-of-the-box, but the mango actually complements the chocolate better than you might think.  The mango puree in the brownie batter makes them extra moist and fudgy.  You don’t taste the mango very much, so most people that don’t know that there’s mango in them will probably just know that there’s “something different” in them that they can’t quite put their finger on.

You could color me shocked when I found out how well mango works in curry.  This mango chicken curry used mangoes they are slightly under-ripe so that they don’t make the curry too sweet.  Though, if your mangoes are too sweet, you can just add more acid to the curry sauce.  I bet you could also use shrimp instead of chicken!

Mango Madness 2017 was another prolific time, and I continue to surprise myself with how many new things can be made with mango.  And, having different suppliers helped me to discover the best ways to use different types of mangoes.  Stringy and fibrous mango?  Puree, strain, and and make something with mango puree.  Smooth and firm mango?  Slice or dice and use the pieces in sauces or cakes.  Every year is a learning experience, and I can’t wait until 2018!

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