PizzaRev (A Review)

Good pizza has always been hard to come by in Miami.  And, even pizza places that are great when they first open start to decline after a while sometimes, so the hunt for a good pie is a perpetual one.  I don’t consider myself an expert on pizza, but I know what I like in my pies.  I like fresh cheese, a tomato sauce that is not overpowering, and meat that doesn’t taste like it came out of drug store bag.  On all of these counts, PizzaRev delivered.

PizzaRev’s menu style is not a new concept.  I typically refer to these kinds of places as “Chipotles for Pizza,” which seems like an accurate estimation.  You’ve got an assembly line setup where you can build your perfect pie, then take it back to your table piping hot.  What really makes or breaks these types of pizza joints is the quality of their ingredients.

You can pick from four different types of sauces and an assortment of cheeses, including vegan cheese.  They also have baskets of breadsticks, but I didn’t try those.  Their tomato sauce is made with organic tomato.

The next section is where you add the “heavy” toppings like meats.

The last section is where you add the “lighter” toppings, like sprinklings of herbs or vegetables.  I like my pizzas simple, so I got pepperoni, basil, and garlic on mine.

The end-product was an absolute beauty.  The crust is thin enough to let the flavors of the toppings shine through, but not so thin that your pizza just collapses if you try to pick up a slice.  The cheese at PizzaRev had that stretch that comes with any good pizza, and the sauce didn’t overpower the rest of the toppings.

The counter service was nice, and the place is kept very clean.  I would definitely go back!

For more information on PizzaRev, visit their web site at

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