Taste of the Caribbean 2014

Don’t tell my Jamaican friends, but I am not particularly fond of Jamaican food (sorry, guys!).  Even when a Jamaican restaurant has been highly recommended, I am not particularly impressed when I go and try it.  But, my experiences with a certain Caribbean restaurant had led me to believe that I just wasn’t giving “Island cuisine” a fair chance.  So, when I stumbled across this deal on LivingSocial for a ticket to Taste of the Caribbean, I kept an open mind and took the dive.

I won’t go in-depth on my actual experience at the event.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.  I enjoyed everything that I tasted.  They were also smart enough to have signs at every station saying what they were serving, which was a big help.  I do apologize in advance for the crooked photos.  Try and balance a camera and several small plates of food, and you’ll understand.  I think I dropped at least 4 dishes that night.

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