Don Mofongo (A Review)

It’s been a while since the food truck craze took off in South Florida.  Yet, I haven’t exactly visited very many of them myself.  That is kind of a shame, considering the massive amounts of comfort food that these trucks promise.  As a food blogger, it was a big failure on my part to ignore their potential.

All of that changed one day, when the craving for some good mofongo hit me.  Sometimes, a woman just needs a mound of mashed, fried green plantains and pork cracklings.  That’s just how I roll.  I’ve tried good mofongo, and not so good mofongo.  But, I’m not the type to find a place that’s good and just stick with it forever.  After all, you might be missing out on something better, right?  So, when Don Mofongo popped up on a Google search, I immediately started stalking following them on Twitter.  As soon as they parked in my neighborhood, I paid them a visit.

CAM00844While the truck was parked in a church parking lot, tucked away in a side street, it was not hard to spot the bright green monster.

CAM00845You’ve got your menu on the right, and the left scrolls images of dishes served by the food truck.  Not too shabby!  I ordered the mofongo with fried pork.

CAM00849For the price, it’s a decent portion.  It comes with a container of broth, as well as a sauce that I didn’t use.  The pork, which looked like it was going to be like chewing shoe leather, was actually tender and juicy.  It was well seasoned, too.  That is, assuming you’re like me and like your food to punch you in the face with flavor (us Latinos love our seasoning).  The mofongo itself was pretty good, but it was a little bit too dry and crumbly.  Dipping it in the broth helped, of course.  Knocking my broth over onto the table did not, though.

If Don Mofongo is an example of what I have been missing by skipping the food truck craze, then I am missing out.  Considering the lack of good Dominican and Puerto Rican food in the area, I’ll be keeping an eye to catch them when they’re in my area again.



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