About This Blog

What is this blog?
This blog is a personal account of my adventures cooking and dining out in South Florida.  Hopefully, any recipes or reviews that I share will help someone down the line. I am not a professional food writer, nor do I work in the food industry.  So, I have no special interests or affiliations.

Who are you?
I’m a thirty-something, working class citizen trying to make it in a big, expensive city.  And, eat well in the process.  I work in the IT field by day, and spend quite a bit of my free time cooking, baking, or trying to find new restaurants to try.

What’s with the name of the blog?
Jobs just don’t pay as well as they used to.  I’m not particularly well-off, but I am passionate about food.  Baking is especially close to my heart.  I typically don’t skimp on ingredients, and can easily blow $30 on a bag of fancy cocoa powder without feeling a single pang of guilt over it.  My wallet definitely feels the strain, though.  Hence, I’m a broke baker.

If you’re so broke, how can you afford to dine out so often?
I work two jobs essentially to support my baking/dining out habit.  Otherwise, I’d work one job and eat TV dinners.  I have recently managed to land a job that pays a little bit better.  So, I am not quite as broke as I once was.  “The Middle-Income Baker” doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

Your pictures suck.  Why can’t you take better pictures?
I am not a professional photographer.  I take pictures with my inexpensive point-and-click camera.  Additionally, I live in an old, drab apartment with almost no natural light.  Sometimes, I can talk a friend into coming to take pictures for me while I work.  Maybe one day, I’ll have the means to take better ones.

What made you decide to start blogging?
I promised a coworker that I would do this blog and update it at least twice a month.  So, if I don’t, that would make me a liar.  Besides, it’s much easier to direct someone to your blog when they ask for the recipe of something you made.

I have a question about your blog content.  Can I contact you?
I am always open to questions, comments, and suggestions.  If you have a question about a recipe or review, you can always ask it in the Comments section of the post.  Otherwise, you can email me at kaypea@brokebaker.com with any inquiries.


  1. marie a anderson

    Love your honesty and your layout, and the recipes are going to be a lot of my menu plan this fall, thanks everso

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do!

  2. Thank you for keeping it real! Keep on blogging. Certainly going to try your Red Velvet Belgian waffles recipe. I almost settled on red velvet cake box mix (yikes!), still do like the ease of it and will give it a try. But like you, I like things done the right way (esp. when it comes to cooking and baking). I also work in the IT field!

    1. Hello Lyla!
      Thank you for reading my blog, and for the kind words! Red velvet anything is always a win, so I hope you enjoy! And, I hope you pass by my blog again sometime. 🙂

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